Top Ten Tips

Top ten tips for planning your big day at home from abroad.

1. Visit home at least once before the big day.

This is very important, and will help you streamline a potentially tricky process. At a minimum you should visit us, your church or civil ceremony hosting options, alternative accommodation for guests prior to the big day, potential photography locations. Your Wedding Manager will help compile a list of things to do ‘now’, over the intervening period and the ‘week of’ the wedding.

2. Keep it local.

There is an awful lot to be said to keeping vendors local. It cuts down on postage or extra baggage fees when travelling to your wedding back home. Also, God forbid any last minute mishaps were to happen, you have your dress-maker, florist or photographer on hand (or close by) to help.

3. Get all those legal loose-ends tied up as soon as possible.

This ensures that any documentation for different nationalities or different faith ceremonies can be ticked off the list sooner rather than later. There is no saying what kind of delays could lay ahead, we don’t want to tempt Murphy’s law! This also leaves you much more time to ponder the fun stuff.

4. For all those travelling from abroad.

Have some research done in advance regards transport options from the airport. There will be plenty of choices, car rentals, taxi services, mini bus etc. Although it may seem quite obvious to you, it’s a good idea to have some ideas available.

5. Touristy options for guests who may have never visited the Emerald Isle.

Have a range of touristy options for those guests who may have never visited the Emerald Isle. It's your big day, and you don’t want the added headache of organising day trips for pals, colleagues, future in-laws, second cousins and everyone in-between.

6. Have one point of contact.

A friend of family member to meet with us as further piece of mind. Although we will be here to help you every step of the way, there’s no better judgement than a close friend, mum, dad or auntie.

7. Use Pinterest as a shared mood-board.

This is an incredibly easy way to create a style for your big day. You can pin ideas for flowers, dresses, food, decor and then share with your key suppliers. By gathering all the elements that inspire you in one place, this helps us create the dream wedding you deserve.

8. Utilise Skype, FaceTime and Google Hangout to stay connected with us.

This will give you a chance to look around the Garryvoe, our facilities and the beautiful beach in real-time. It will put our venue into perspective and make planning a little easier and a bit more ‘real’.

9. Arrive at least a week before the big day itself.

‘Homeward Bound’ provides a ‘final countdown’ checklist of all those last minute jobs that need to be sorted out. This eliminates any mad panic and gets things done calmly and efficiently.

10. And, finally! Relax!

It’s your big day, your way and everyone is there to celebrate just that. By choosing Garryvore’s Homeward Bound we will make this as easy and stress-free a process as possible, ultimately giving you the dream wedding at home that you both deserve.