Eoghan & Rosie's Story


Eoghan and Rosie have lived in Canada for four years, they met while studying in UCC. After graduating they both found it pretty difficult to find jobs in their fields at home, so they decided to take this dilemma and turn it into an opportunity to go explore the world. After six months of travelling, they both decided to settle in Toronto.There was a great Irish community, plenty job opportunities and not a million miles away from home – well a direct flight anyway!

Rosie now works as a midwife and Eoghan as a civil engineer. During the summer Eoghan brought Rosie to New York to celebrate their six-year anniversary. Much to Rosie’s surprise and mortification Eoghan got down on one knee at the top of the Empire State Building and proposed. Of course she accepted and then ensued the excitement and challenges of long distance wedding planning.

Despite their differences (Rosie a Cork woman and Eoghan a west-Waterford man), they could agree on one thing – a wedding at home in Ireland and if at all possible, by the sea.

‘It’s always been so important to me to get married at home. Although I don’t live in Ireland any more, my heart is still there, as cheesy as that sounds! I have a huge family, all of whom are so important to me, so there was never really a doubt in my mind that we wouldn’t get married here.’ Rosie

‘Family is very important to me, and no matter where my base is in the world, I would always want such an important, milestone occasion to happen at home. Plus my mother would never speak to me again if I didn’t!’ Eoghan

Garryvoe’s Homeward Bound was created with the emigration generation in mind. For Eoghan and Rosie this gave them the peace of mind they desperately needed when planning their dream wedding from abroad.

‘Honestly, it was made for us! I had Skype calls with Andre regularly and he showed us around the different parts of the hotel we’d be using from the ballroom to the bridal suite to the post-wedding private dinner; even down to the beach! I could see table settings, the lighting design, menu options and more which was so great because I felt way more in control! I was happy to leave all these things in their capable hands. Thank god for that, no one likes a Bridezilla! Especially not an anxious one over the phone!’ laughs Rosie.

‘I’d absolutely recommend the Garryvoe to all those trying to sort out their own weddings from abroad. It’s not an easy thing and to surrender all control... my worst nightmare! I have so many Irish friends who want to get married at home in the future. My advice? Get organised! Also have someone that you trust one hundred per cent! Andre, he’s really patient but so on top of things!’

And Eoghan’s thoughts? ”Oh god yeah, it was great! I could go online and look over the stuff when I had time commuting from work. The best thing though was Andre put Rosie’s mind at ease, and that meant we could enjoy the whole process together, without any unnecessary headaches. It was a great day, everything we could have wished and we’re looking forward to waking up in that amazing bridal suite again on our first anniversary!”