Where the fertile soil of East Cork meets the cold, clean waters of the Atlantic...

There has been a hotel on the beach at Garryvoe since the early 1900s and while the world and that little summer hut have changed beyond recognition, some things have thankfully stayed the same the golden five-mile beach, the view of Ballycotton and the island, the sea sparkling in the morning sun, and the smiling faces at the Garryvoe.

Sometimes it's easy to forget jus how lucky we are in East Cork. We have the clean, cold and abundant waters of the Atlantic on one side and the warm, rich and fertile earth of East Cork on the other . . . Earth that we believe grows the best vegetables in Ireland; the best
grass that in turn grows the best beef and lamb . . . you get the picture!

When you combine all that with a generations-long food and hospitality tradition; the results are extraordinary synergies - some might say even magical . . . Whether it is your wedding, a romantic weekend break, a seaside holiday or a few nights away with great friends, at the Garryvoe you will find the intimate, friendly and professional service, the fresh local food  and the incredible view all add up to a memorable experience.

It is an experience put together with loving care – a unique atmosphere that can only be nurtured in a family-owned, independent hotel that has been lovingly cared for through the generations since it opened as one of the first hotels in East Cork.

Come inside and enjoy!