High Coast Holistic Therapy

Exhale by the sea at The Garryvoe with High Coast Holistic

Introducing Professional Relaxation Therapy & Indian Head Massage with Eileen Parker

The Garryvoe is delighted to welcome Eileen Parker, High Coast Holistic as their in-house Professional Relaxation Therapist & Massage Therapist.

Eileen is offering guests and visitors alike the opportunity to embrace Professional Relaxation Therapy - techniques to help you take a time-out, increasing calmness, reducing stress levels & anxiety and, in short, take a deep breath in, centre yourself and… exhale… 

Indian Head Massages target stress trigger points on the head, shoulders and neck to alleviate tension.

As a graduate of the School of Natural Health Sciences and a qualified Professional Relaxation Therapist, Eileen's credentials speak for themselves. 'Relaxation may sound like the simplest thing in the world,' Eileen notes, 'but there's actually a lot to it. It's about soothing all the senses, and balancing the mind, body and spirit. The point is to benefit the entire body - and the mind is the starting point of it all.'

So, who needs to relax? The answer is - you've probably guessed it - everyone. Each and every human being has their own stresses, strains, worries, fears and anxieties, but the solution is the same. Relax and repeat. From brides looking to get away before their big day; exhausted Mums & Dads; work-weary employees and bosses; students sitting exams; Mums-to-be and anyone and everyone in-between, relaxation is the key - and Eileen is a marvellous (metaphorical) locksmith.

Relaxation Therapy Sessions at The Garryvoe are held in a specially-adapted ambient suite, with soothing music, essential oils and soft lighting serenading the senses. Once Eileen has asked you some questions about your lifestyle, it's time to kick off your shoes, lie back on her purpose-built (and very purple) relaxation bed, get snuggled up in some cosy blankets and let yourself begin to relax.

While each of Eileen's sessions take approximately one hour - don't panic, there's no rushing relaxation, so Eileen will guide you through simple, yet effective methods of maximising your downtime without taking up time.

'You can feel better, sleep better and live better,' Eileen adds. 'Little changes can make a huge difference,' she concludes. 'The ability to relax is something we all have in us. I want to help people discover it for themselves. Life is short, and we're continuously wishing it away. Sometimes it's nice just to stop and smell the roses.'

Eileen Parker, High Coast Holistic, is offering tailor made 1/2 hour and 1 hour Indian head massage treatments along with Professional Relaxation therapy and Holistic Facial Massage using Holos products which rejuvenates and promotes anti ageing. The products used are all natural , Irish & Aromatherapy based. 

FLEXIBLE appointments available by arrangement with Eileen (early and late appointments, CALL Eileen to book your treatment on (087) 9587693. 

Pre-booking essential. Relaxation Therapy sessions take approximately one hour each. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing to enhance your relaxation experience. Prices range from €35 to €60 per treatment

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